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Refunding Payment to Client

New Forum Member
Hi all, So, about three weeks ago, I accepted a job from a client for a ghostwriting project, but for various reasons have found myself unwilling to continue on it. It was a combination of factors, dealing with my chockfull schedule, my growing attachment to the work (with the knowledge that all license to it would be transferred to the client on its completion) and the rather paltry amount I was to be paid for a work I had become rather fond of. I feel it is worth mentioning that the "split" was amicable, as I don't think her time was wasted in hiring me, though I did receive an upfront payment (less than 25%, which I never withdrew) that I want to return, but I don't know how. Is there any way of relinquishing the money via Odesk? I'd much rather not do the song and dance that an international money order would entail. Is there another way? Cheers, Jon
Community Guru
Got an unfair feedback from one client. I asked him to terminate the contract and not to pay me but he paid anyway and left an unfair feedback. Did he pay to trash my reputation here? Well, he succeeded. I'm new here and his feedback made my rating drop down from 5 star to 4.6 something now. How do I refund? Do I need his agreement? What if he reject it? Will that ugly feedback be there all the time? This is really frustrating:(
Ace Contributor
Check "My Jobs" section and view the contract you want to refund. There will be a button with "refund" option available. In case contract was closed, there is an option to view all contracts in "My Jobs" and refund on closed contracts can also be given. P.S. Instead of refunding, you can reply to unfair feedback, clearly and correctly stating why client was wrong giving you low score feedback and why everyone else should avoid working with him /her.
Didn't know you can reply to it. I was thinking oDesk should have something like that, so people who read my profile can see my reply to feedback like that. I don't see any button or anything that allows me to reply to their feedback. Could you please advice how I should do it? Thanks! BTW, I've refunded anyway. I didn't want his money in the first place. Won't feel happy spending that money. Horrible experience.
This "reply" feature is relatively new, and applies only to contracts started (i think) after 29-30 January. When you view closed contract, right below client's feedback, there should be 2 links: "Enable client to change feedback" and "Respond to this feedback". At least that's what i have on one of my contracts completed on jan,31.
That's a bit different from what I thought it was. So people who read my profile won't see my reply? Still good to know there is something I can do when things like this happen though. Hopefully, I don't need to use this function ever. Thanks again for your help:)