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Regarding Harashment & Mis-deeds by Client's, in Upwork Platform

Dear Sir

This is to Inform you that, in this Open World Wide Web ( www ) Platform, mostly, the Clients after Replying to Job Proposals & also after Sending Invitations, Discusses Little about the Project & then Suddenly Vanishes from the Platform, without Hiring ( Contract to Hire ) any Freelancer, in the Job Posting Status.

This is Happening Continuously & Rapidly by Suspicious Clients, who are Wasting Time, Connects, Energy, Trust & Hope of Freelancers. Suspicious Clients are taking the Full Advantage of this Open Upwork www Platform, to Play Mis-deeds with Freelancers.

I would like to State that, Upwork & Upwork's Team, should make some Strict Rules to Filter & to Qualify Clients, to Post their Useful, Necessary, Demanded, Needed & Trust worthy Jobs & Projects, for Freelancers.

Let us make this Virtual Platform a Safer & Secure Place to Work.

Upwork shouldnot & never blame their Freelancers. Because in Upwork Platform Freelancers are trying to Give their Best Services in a Honest & Truthful Way, to Income & Earn Pride, Respect, Reputation & Money.

Let us Look Forward, for the Solutions, that will be Given by Upwork.

Hoping for the Best of All & Mankind.

With Regards

Community Member

Hi Romel,


When you are viewing a scam Job, click the Flag button to report. Keep in mind about 50% of job posts do not end with anyone being hired for various reasons so focus on the best postings by viewing the client's job hiring history.

Dear William

I want to know that whether pressing the Flag button to Report as In-appropiate & Scamming Jobs, does really Help?

I have pretty much doubt in this Process.

Kindly, let me know:-

How does this Flag work?

Does this Flag Acknowledge Upwork & their Team about Suspicious & Doubtful Clients?

Does Upwork takes any Action against these?

Does Upwork provide Awareness against these?

Kindly, let me know.

Thanking you

With Regards

Dear Sophie

I received the Details of your's Message. Thank you so much for this information.


Romel R



Yes, Upwork takes appropriate action. I have seen many Jobs taken down.

Dear William

That is very Necessary to take Appropiate Steps & Actions by Upwork, against such Mis-deeds done by Clients Across the Globe.

Let us All Hope for the Best of Our's Upwork Team, Members, Freelancers & Of Course,

Our's Upwork Society.

With Best Regards

Romel R

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