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Regarding Profile JSS


I want to know why my profile JSS decrease every week even I got 2 positive reviews with 5 star rating last week. Please give me the best solution for this.

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95% is really not bad. Private FB could be a little lower and/or have a few of those open jobs been inactive for more than a couple of months?

So please let me know, what I do for this. I did my work for those clients after completing my work, I send so many messages to clients but he/she not give any responsed and it’s all depended on clients. Why Upwork decrease the freelancer’s rating due to this?

Hi Naina,

JSS can change due to a few different reasons including private feedback from a client as well as public feedback, a job falling out of the calculation window, inactive contracts. We won't be able to share the exact reasons your JSS dropped, however you can find some more information regarding changes in JSS and also how to imrpove JSS  by having a look at this article.


I know it's frustrating, I hear you, but UW does judge FLers on how we manage contracts, how we select clients and so on - not just the quality of our work. I suppose it's because there are just so many FLers out there and the above-average ones need to be singled out somehow. It would all be pretty meaningless if doing our best, submitting by deadline, and good communication were all it took to be considered 100% (perfect). Those things are really just what every FLer should be doing anyway. 


I have had the same frustration; many of us have. But it is working for UW, and FLers are getting work (if not, UW would just fold up...that's obviously not in danger of happening), and it's not going to change. Try hard to pre-select your clients to be as dedicated as you are. Check the FB left for them, and the FB they leave - or if they have a habit of closing contracts with no FB, which could indicate the FLer actually had to close the contract. It's all part of it; FLing isn't just about doing an assignment and turning it in.


Hang in there. It will be okay but you need to be very smart about how you select your clients, and how you manage your contracts. Beyond that, what can you really do? Once you've done an absolutely smashing job and communicated with professionalism, it's all said and done. Trust me, we all deal with this, so you're no more behind the 8-ball than anyone else in this regard, and to an extent, contract management is a learning curve. 🙂

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Hi Naina,


JSS is calculated every two weeks and there are many factors that go into your JSS calculation including public and private feedback given when the contract is closed, the pattern of contracts without feedback, etc. Also, the JSS is calculated on 6-12 and 24 months windows and for the results of your contract in this windows. Unfortunately, I can`t share more details for your JSS calculations or the private feedback that your clients have left on your contracts. Thank you!

~ Bojan
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