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Regarding the submitted job, Fake job & jss Score

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mohammad a Member Since: Nov 5, 2019
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Regarding the submitted job, Fake job & jss Score

hi, I join upwork in April 2019 and its almost 8 months these 8 months, I have submitted more than 70 proposals and hardly close the 5/8 project and all other remaining until open and unanswered.
My question is why those projects just like freeze no movement?
2nd question regarding jss. all clients are not equal and their understanding regarding their project also not clear some times, when a contractor takes their job and because of misunderstanding project cancel or refund jss goes down and its hamper in freelancer upwork career. The buyer always getting the benefit but freelancers not getting a chance to prove themself.i am also suffering I have done 15 projects, 13 projects 5-star rating, 1 project 3.5 and 1 project cancel and refund for jss score down from 100% to 86% to 75% 65% in this cycle i don't get any job but jss auto down every 15 days with,
i discovered that upwork algorithm work in last project rating and when system getting low rating its auto reducing score. But an interesting thing to be noted when I get a new job and more than one jss not increasing more than 1 time, its stop after 1-time recycle.

3rd question in this time we are paying for buying connect and per bid we are spending 0.30$ to 0.80$ cents,upwork also need to assure that we are using out connect in rightway. need to prevent fake projects and after a certain time project should need to close.
if upwork takes a look at those problems we are facing and find out a solution for us we will be grateful.

best regards