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Regarding the withdrawal of money

I'm new to upwork. I just completed my tasks and will be receiving a contract for payment. Can I accept the contract and withdraw the money later or should I withdraw as soon as I accept the contract?

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Considering you don't even have a profile picture of yourself, I doubt you'll be withdrawing any money from the platform.

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Hi Akhila,


Thank you for reaching out to us. It looks like you need to complete the ID Verification for you to have full control over your account. You may start the process by hitting the "Get Started" button here upon logging in. 


Regarding your query about when and how you can get paid for the work done, we highly suggest you check this help article to learn more about how to manage your payments. Additionally, as Ze Eduardo mentioned, as a freelancer your profile picture has to accurately represent who you are, it obviously shouldn't be a photo of a place, a design or object, or someone or something else (also, misrepresenting who you are, goes against our Terms of Service.) Feel free to check this help article for more details.


~ Arjay
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Hmmm. First there should be a contract, then a completed task - not the other way round. Never ever work without a contract.

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