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Regular Proposals A Necessity For Rising Talent Badge?

Good day to you all! 😀

My journey with Upwork started in mid-July when I started sending proposals daily to job posts until I secured the first contract in early August. After that, I got a couple more contracts due to which, the need for me to send more proposals daily more or less expired. I got busy with the actual projects and since then I have earned in three figures (humble beginnings).

On reading the qualifying criterion for the "Rising Talent Badge", I feel like I have qualified for it except for the requirement of sending proposals daily, which I didn't feel the need to because of the existing workload.

Should I continue to send proposals when I'm not actually ready to take on new projects just for the sake of "staying active" on Upwork in order to have a shot at the "Rising Talent Badge"?
 I would love some insight on the matter.

As far as the other requirements are concerned, I have submitted all work to date in time, with the milestones being cleared almost instantly! (God bless such clients)

Important Info: None of the contracts have been closed yet. The contracts that started out as short-term, have transformed into long-term thanks to clients' trust and satisfaction with the quality of my work.

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I have never been a Rising talent. 😂 Just hard worked on from newbie to top-rated.

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