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Regular job on Upwork


I am experienced Upwork freelancer, but I want to ask you something. 


There are periods that I recieve a lot of invitations to interview and I cant handle all, but then there are periods when I dont recieve any invitation and when I send proposals its the same.


Currently it is "dry" period I cant get any job. Does any of you have answer to this, is it me, or I run out of luck ?


There are a lot of freelancers on this platform. And there are many who offer the same services you do. 


There is a rotation in the search engine so, if you were to regularly check using 'Browse Freelancers,' you'd see that you don't appear in the same spot each time. That could be responsible for the lack of invitations. The same could be said of the 'Recommended Freelancers' feature on the client end after a job is posted. 


As for no responses to proposals, it definitely could just be a dry period.