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Relatively Long Delay in Processing Withdrawn Funds into Bank

I tried to withdraw my accumulated funds as normal at month end last week Wednesday and to date the funds have not reflected in my bank nor have I received a odesk confirmation that my withdrawal has been processed. First, doing the withdrawal happened after a couple of trials with errors. oDesk does not seem to be coming out clearly on what the issue is and are saying that they can only trace if still pending unresolved after 10days and I'm just wondering, is there anyone else experiencing this issue or is it unique?

yes i have the same issues and it has been 10 days ago since i withdraw and still waiting...

Thanks Eden, I was starting to think it is only me who encountered this issue I sure wish oDesk can come out clearly on what the problem is because otherwise we'll need to reorganize our withdrawals to allow for this delays which I find a bit unfair

Hi Eden,


I was wondering if your issue ever got resolved? If yes, after how many days did you receive your funds through Local Funds Transfer (LFT)?


I'm getting little worried regarding transfer of funds, since I've also opted for LFT to get my funds.


Requesting your response for a possible mental peace. Thanks.


Warm Regards,


Hi Roselyne,
I am having same problem.
When did you receive your amount finally?