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Release of Payment

Hi Upwork Team!!!

My Son, named George **Edited for Community Guidelines** had his account suspended a week ago as he was underaged to have a freelancer account. The Upwork team has sent him a mail that his funds will be refunded within 3-4 days. But the Upwork team has said that the funds can't be transferred into my account ( his father's, which has been mentioned in the e-mail). But how do you expect an underaged person to have a bank account?? So please release the funds in my account. It seems like he is unable to reply via upwork and has already replied to the e-mail directly and you have not replied foe many days.

My son's account name: George **Edited for Community Guidelines**.

Please do try to understand my situation and kindly release the funds into my bank account ( I have already said this).


Thanking You,




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Antony V wrote:

But how do you expect an underaged person to have a bank account??

Upwork do not expect an underage person to have an Upwork account at all.

Funds can't be sent to an account in any name other than the account holder's.


Hi Anthony,


In order to set up a payment method, you must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer on that account. This is further explained here. Kindly refer your son to the communication received by the team via his support ticket and communicate through that ticket if you have any questions so that the team can assist you more effectively.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi

But Sir, Now we have appiled a Bank Account under his name whicj will be created within a week. It seems like his account is totally inaccesible and he is unable to login into upwork via the Upwork App. It shows that "There is no such account " in upwork. So he has replied to the E-mail directly. Please do reply to his mail.  WE HAVE APPLIED A CHILDREN'S ACCOUNT UNDER HIS NAME SO KINDLY LET HIM USE HIS ACCOUNT AND RELEASE THE FUNDS WHEN THE DETAILS OF HIS BANK ACCOUNT HAS BEEN ADDED.

Nobody needs to be upset about anything here.


A person who was not actually old enough to use Upwork had an interesting experience. He probably learned a lot of things during this experience.


It turns out that he wasn't old enough to work as a freelancer and he was in violation of Upwork TOS. But he isn't being punished. He is not being pursued by police. He is not being litigated against. He hasn't been banned for life from using this platform specifically or the Internet generally.


I would count this as a "win."

Alright Sir, But Can I accept this as a " Yes" to my previous reply?

Antony V wrote:

Can I accept this as a " Yes" to my previous reply?

It is unlikely that your son will be able to withdraw any money until he is 18 because he would never have been allowed to to create a profile, accept a contract or earn any money under the terms of service. 


Generally, in cases like that, the money goes back to the client.

So,  does that mean that he has done free work for a client?

re: "So,  does that mean that he has done free work for a client?"


Or does it mean he received an education without having to pay tuition?


I bet he learned more while working on this project than he did in most of his regular school classes.

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