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I will relocate to Pakistan from UAE within one month, do I continue working on Upwork from there without having any issues?

What steps do I need to take?

I don't really want my account to be suspended permanently. kindly help!

Thank you

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You do not need to change your location if you are temporarily traveling outside of your country of residence. The upwork team will get in touch with you if any. However, you should update your account location if you know you'll be gone for a long time, say because you're relocating. It's also advised that you speak with a legal professional to see if you require a particular kind of visa or work permit in order to be allowed to work on Upwork while abroad.

Thanks, Daud for the quick prompt.


Yes my plan for relocating is more than 5 to 6 months, that's why I am more concerned and want to make an informed decision.

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