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Removal of anomalous contracts?

Hi all, I want to get any thoughts and opinions on a situation. I have been in touch with Support and it seems to me like this situation does not have a satisfactory process to address it.


There was a mix-up between a brand new UpWork client and UpWork's client relations staff that led to the client's account being incorrectly suspended. After the client's dispute with UpWork, his account was reinstated, but the experience left him no longer wanting to work with me through UpWork. Therefore, the contract remains open on my account, 0 hours, $0. After chatting with support, I was notified that this project cannot be removed, and that indeed if I close it now, that A) the client will have the opportunity to provide feedback (I can't imagine that will go well), and B) becasue there was no payment at all on the ended contract, it will be regarded as an "unsuccessful project". This seems unfair in my mind, and it seems that it should be possible and proper for UpWork to simply delete this contract, given the circumstances.


I will post my Support chat log here in case anyone is interested, but - any thoughts on anyone from the community? Many thanks.



You are top rated, so you actually CAN get this contract removed from your JSS calculation (provided you have not used that perk during the last 10 contracts / 3 months) and it will NOT affect your JSS.


OK, Just seen that you HAVE used the perk a few days ago.




What I would suggest you do is leave the contract inactive for the time being, because it takes months of inactivity for an inactive contract to go sour and affect you, and one in many may not affect you at all.


So leave it be, then in three months time, end it. Make sure nothing else goes wrong between now and then (you are already on the lower part of top rated) and end the dormant contract not long before an update. Wait out the update, then, if it DOES affect you, use the perk and have it removed.


Be VERY careful who you work with during those 3 months, build up a nice cushion of "good factors" which may well mean that one contract closed without feedback won't affect you.

Thanks for this Petra, good advice. Once my perk usage from a couple of days ago makes its way into my JSS, my 'cushion' should be a little more comfortable (I think I'll probably be near 100% JSS once that happens), so this solution seems like a good one for now. I still do think folks at UpWork should be able to make these case-by-case adjustments outside of the 'perk' for unusual circumstances. 




@Brenden S wrote:

 I still do think folks at UpWork should be able to make these case-by-case adjustments outside of the 'perk' for unusual circumstances. 


 I hear you, Brenden, but as far I am concerned the perk actually IS our way to adjust for "unusual circumstances" - not a "well, I can mess one client per quarter around any which way I please" card, you know?


You need to be a little more careful when you choose your clients. I'd never have touched the one who gave yyou 2 stars back in January with a bargepole, based on his history of suboptimal and no feedback, for example.


If you avoid the perpetually unhappy clients and the no-feedback-leavers you save yourself a hell of a lot of JSS Angst along the way, and can keep your perk for the odd curveball situation such as this one.