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Remove Suspension from my account

Hello Up Work


Please remove Suspension from account. I will manage my account with the upwork terms and condition in future


Thanks & Regard

Nitin Kumar

Community Member

I'm not sure why you think this is how account reinstatement is done. Follow the steps outlined in the notification of suspension. Posting on the Community forum isn't one of the steps listed, I'm sure. 

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Sorry to be blunt Nitin Kumar, but you should have thought about violating terms before you became history.  Sometimes in life taking short cuts for immediate gains do not pay in the long run.  You basically turned off a pipeline that would have made you some money.

Community Member

Hello Nitin,


Kindly check your email to see our ticket sent to you on how you can reinstate your account. Please follow the steps given to have the suspension lifted from your account. You may also check that here. Thank you.

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