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Removing a review: What is the process?



I recently had a client close two jobs without notice and his reviews dropped my JSS by 5%. The feeback and ratings are hidden so I don't have an idea what he was unsatisified with (even though he seemed satisfied with the work I delivered).


I'm wondering: a) Is it worth it to remove it? It is bothering me, but I'm not sure if I'm overreacting b) If I have the reviews removed will my score go back to what it was? c) If I decide to remove the reviews what are the steps I need to take?

Thanks in advance to any feedback provided.

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Everything is explained here, including whose eligible , how to requested it, and the 2 removal options and the impact each will have:


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Thanks for this info!

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Ainsworth E.,


Keep in mind that only public feedback can be removed for non-Top Rated freelancers, and that's only when you make a 100% refund to the client.


And removing public feedback that way does not remove the client's original private feedback, so your JSS will not be improved by making a refund and removing only their public feedback.


Instead, you should keep the money you've earned, leave accurate feedback for the client and a reply to their public feedback. Keep all of your feedback factual, as succinct as possible - you have every right to tell your side of the story.


Honest feedback by you will not mean most good clients won't work with you. They will  not be surprised to learn, if they didn't know already, there are other clients that are liars and frauds. And such bogus clients will be on alert that if they try to take advantage of you you will make their lies and fraud public for all to see.


And other freelancers will appreciate knowing what your experience with this client has been. Since Upwork provides no information at all on any client's history of refunds, cancellations, etc. the only source of this information is feedback for such clients from other freelancers (like you and me).

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