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Removing feedback when the client ghosted you

So, this happened quite often that the client is very happy when you finished the job, and then you mention about closing the contract and leaving feedback and they don't do it. Sometime later you close it yourself, leave a good review for them, but then, they never bother to leave anything back.  

My latest encounter made me quite sad, because went from the best praise I've got in the call, and one of the most paid fixed priced projects I got in few hours, to just being ignored. I mean, just don't say anything if you aren't planning to leave a feedback.  I never mentioned leaving a feedback more than once before closing a contract, but here I tried it a second time which as left with being ignored afterwards. At least I didn't get a negative one, I guess. But the lying or empty words got me.

I'd love the ability to be able to remove my feedback if the client chouse to not leave anything. It feels unfair, you help their profile but they leave you with nothing. Sure, I got paid, but once the client lied about leaving a feedback or doesn't care enough, I kind of changed my opinion of them.

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You are right.

Also feedback edit is a must. For example after client scammed you.

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Please do not assume your happy and satisfied clients did not leave you any feedback. Clients can leave two kinds of feedback - one is private feedback (solely to UpWork) and the other is public feedback (that appears on your Profile page). Some of my clients have told me that they could not figure out how to leave public feedback. Others have just told me that they did not have the time to do it. This is a frustrating situation for the freelancer, but clients who hire people online tend to be extremely busy people, or they would have interviewed and hired someone in-person rather than via an online platform. Overall, online platform clients do not like to take time to do anything at all after they release payment and received the requested work. This includes such extra tasks as closing the job, which also takes them time away from their own work commitments. I always feel embarrassed that I have to ask my clients to close the job, and UpWork has never demontrated any interest in alleviating this problem. If I consider the client perspective on this matter, I do realize that clients who do not intend to ever use UpWork again to hire a freelancer (since there are so many ways to hire someone online without paying fees) have no incentive to take the extra time to leave feedback. Therefore, I no longer expect it. My JSS has remained consistently high, so I assume these clients did leave me excellent private feedback. Moreover, many have returned years later and requested my services again. It is just a sad commentary on working as an online freelancer.

They left no feedback. If they did, the "enable to change feedback" button should show up right after, and my feedback would be visible on their profile. It did only 2 weeks after the contract was closed, meaning the time expired. I don't think you can leave a private feedback without leaving a public star rating.

Correct. Both feedback should be leaved at same time.

Private only available for $0\canceled contracts but not for regular. So if public missed then private missed too.

it is not possible to leave one type of feedback and not the other.

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It seems like you don't understand the purpose of feedback. The double-blind system is designed specifically to make sure you don't alter your feedback based on what the other person said about you. You're supposed to tell the truth, for the benefit of other freelancers the client may want to work with in the future.


If you feel strongly that feedback must be a quid pro quo and you would never want to leave truthful, honest information to help other freelancers make informed decisions unless you were receiving a benefit for doing so, you should simply not close contracts from your end.

It seems that you didn't read my post. I never said anything against the double blind system. I cannot foresee the future that the client will not leave a feedback to include that in my feedback. This is something that happens after the fact.

Right. You didn't say anything about the double-blind system and I didn't suggest you did.

I simply pointed out that the purpose of the double-blind system is to prevent the type of quid pro quo or retaliatory feedback (or lack thereof) that you are asking for.  In other words, Upwork is actively working to prevent you from doing what you want to do here, because it's bad for the platform and bad for other freelancers.


I'm sorry this is so confusing for you.

You are a very toxic and rude person.

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