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Re: Rendering ,Thinking phase, video play etc AND Timer App

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Juan Carlo C Member Since: Nov 7, 2015
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I agree on some points and I think in the end it will boil down to proper agreements to whether add manual time or go to fixed price jobs. 

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Jan L Member Since: Jul 5, 2015
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As a creative freelancer, I charge rendering and sketching manually. The problem is that manually added time is not covered under upwork's protection (I do charge like 2 hours less than hours I have really spent). Clients have no problem if I tell them how i work in advance. As I see there could be exploits of that system, I somehow feel that our creative effort is not valued enough. 

For example:

I have a client that wants menu for his cofee shop. 

I start to sketch, but i have this idea to paint with coffee, with handrawn lettering.

Upwork protects only from the time I scan it and work on computer.

Most of my job here is done offline, client can be shady and make the fuss about it and, if so, I will practically give him my idea and execution for free. It is not the first time here that people steal from portfolios, clone other profiles, or simply post the job in order to leech from freelancers.

There should be way to make charging offline/manual work, or computer processing somehow protected. Can there be added the time tracker designed for rendering? I mean, there are render farms that you can hire to that for you, so client pays that to them directly (or make in-house Upwork render farm).

Sketching is also crucial to our work process. it perhaps looks like easy job to those who had to deal with excel sheets and tons of e-mails, but it is still work that has to be done. 

If I have to watch video for my client, I'd charge that to them. People who do video editing, have to watch bunch of material before they make decisions what should or not they use.

Stop relying on technology, and make some manually added hours protected or at least make some exceptions where the work is considered done. Not everything is done by mouse and keyboard.