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Repeatedly downloading update wastes expensive bandwidth

I work on a mobile 4G link that has a very restrictive bandwidth limit and very expensive overages. I have been very careful when using this connection, but my most recent month of service had more than $200 of overages.


Upon inspection, my regular internet use accounts for less than 256MiB per day, but the Upwork tracker keeps frustratingly downloading its update in the background without any option to prevent this. I have tried to execute the update, but it segfaults on my system and the new version does not work. I don't care about the new version, I just want to stop the current one (which does work) from downloading hundreds of MB every day, for no reason.


SERIOUSLY, why is it REdownloading EVERY TIME?! Why can you not STORE THE FILE LOCALLY and checksum it to verify that we DON'T need to redownload the package? This is such a frustrating experience that I end up not running the tracker at all, and have to file manual hours, which stresses the relationship with my clients.


In addition to this problem, the work diary user interface is repeatedly changed. At one time, we could log over existing hours to 'fill in the gaps' and get full 8 hour days, despite system or tracker crashes. Now I must log the gaps individually. Why do you want to frustrate people out of your ecosystem?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to learn that this has inconvenienced you, Kash. I'll go ahead and check this with the team so that it can be investigated. 

Please also share your computer/laptop's OS, and your Upwork Desktop App's current version so that I can include it in my report. 

~ Avery

I'm using Gentoo Linux, which is one of the problems. Your application is proprietary, closed-source, for who-knows-what-reason. Please open source the tracker application so that we might build it natively for our own systems instead of using distributed binaries.

re: "Please open source the tracker application so that we might build it natively for our own systems instead of using distributed binaries."


I respect that where you're coming from, that makes sense.


But Upwork has announced no plans to do this, and is unlikely to do so.

Hi Kash,


Thank you for following up, we'll be sure to share this with the rest of the team for consideration.

~ Bojan
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