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Re: Reply every time score gets penalized, even if client removes job quickly.

Ace Contributor
Tim S Member Since: Nov 13, 2015
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Which is, of course, ridiculous.   Can I get a confirmation on what window, if any exists where a job taken down early doesn't impact the 'replies every time'score?


I personally think if the client takes the job down in a week's time, those invited to interview who have not replied should not have that score penalized.  At least give it a 48 hour window.

Community Guru
Scott B Member Since: Nov 20, 2015
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While I understand your point and agree there should be a window, this metric really isn't a score. Unless you have this happen a lot there really isn't any ramification. I understand the profile indicates a response window and I think it could impact how UW ranks you in searches (my guess only), however, I think it unlikely to matter without it occurring a considerable number of times. The bar also will fill up again in pretty short order. I make it a point of responding in <24 hours. One time though I was ill and it took me an extra day. My bar reflected this but my profile did not. So if this is a one-off type issue, I wouldn't be worried about it.