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Report to show proposal sent was hired already

 I've searched for this answer but no luck yet.


When I apply to jobs i see the proposals under obviously proposals, and some clients have messaged so its in active.  I like to follow up and make sure that all questions are answered etc.


But when I look at my active or proposals there is no way to tell if the job was hired or not, and it doesnt awlays seem they go off the list.  So i have to click on the proposal, view original post, then see if it says hired.


Simply put how can you tell if jobs you proposed to were hired or not without having to click 500 times

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If you're constantly checking to see if you got hired from one proposal or another, you're just going to drive yourself crazy.


Most people on here submit a proposal, then forget about it until/unless the client contacts them. Make your proposal as appealing to them as possible, then stop worrying. If they want to discuss things further, they'll contact you.

I don't disagree but i have gotten a few jobs by following up.  One of my bigger points is also most people let jobs linger and they never close or hire, those 6 points add up after time.  So just being able to quickly see a marker next to them to say hired does a few things, Lets you review maybe you did something wrong and can find a way to improve, can allow you to know you didnt get it and move on apply for other jobs (applying for 4-5 jobs and then they quickly hire someone else shows you didnt get it and can apply for more). and know that the client actually hired someone and just didnt ghost the application. 


I have a list of proposals that some have been opened since the day i started with no hire as well, I have yet to see a job time out which is also frustrating.  Client hasnt viewed the job in weeks, sits open, no hires, points gone.

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