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Reported Job - Looks like someone is trying to use UpWork to recruit themselves a money mule. :-(

The advert has been up for 5 days,
22 invites sent,  -  10-15 proposals received,  -  Interviewing 3 people.

The job poster claims to be UK based, but if that were true they could do all this themselves.
(+ their current time shows as 5 hours ahead of GMT)

Copy of job below:-

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Garry, 

I've reported this to the appropriate team for their review. Note that I won't be able to come back here to share the outcome of the team's review to avoid violating our privacy policy. 

We also had to edit your post because accusations of misconduct or other wrongdoing are not allowed in the Upwork Community. In the future, you can report suspicious user activity by following the steps here.

~ Avery
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