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Reporting a unresponsive/ignoring client

Hello everyone,


I've completed work for a client and the have been unresponsive since and have not given me promised review on the sent material. The material was sent on the four days ago and then I was promised a "check" on the file, naturally, to ensure everything is as they desire. 

Now, I wish to report them for not responding to the message and potentially scamming me by taking the work and not paying for it.

Thank you very much.

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You are NOT being scammed.

Your client has a two week review period if you turned it in through the official submit work button.

As long as you turned in the work officially and the money was in escrow and funded you'll be fine. You'll get your money in 9 days.

Edit- did you have contract with this client? I don't see a contract in your profile.

If you don't have one, then yes, this person has taken advantage of you. You might be able to report them for asking for free work, but really it's your responsibility to make sure you have an active, funded contract before you do any work for a client.
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