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Reporting job posts.

As the UW team may notice from my activity is that I report every false job post I see.

If we can follow the rules so can others.

But how are we supposed to report jobs like this that are invite-only and they clearly breach Upwork ToS?

I would be happy to have some button on the lower right for that without being required to enter the job post which I clearly cannot since this is marked as "private" and invite-only.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Stevan Nikolovski
Community Member

You can still flag it as inappropriate.

That actually means it's already been taken down by Upwork. No need to do anything else.


I still don't understand why Upwork don't have filters that auto-report phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs for human review

No, I cannon flag it because I cannot enter the job post in any way to reach the flagging button/link on the right where usually is.

But you can see that obviously job is there only not accessible. When a job post is taken down UW notifies that this is non-existing. Not "Private".


Because this just wont cut it.




Stevan Nikolovski

Yes, I edited my post.

It means someone else has already reported it and Upwork has already taken it down.

There is nothing else you need to or can do.


Stevan N wrote:

When a job post is taken down UW notifies that this is non-existing. Not "Private".

No. They initially set it private while they check.

Ok, if that is the case.

Thank you.

Stevan Nikolovski
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