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Reports for 2016 earnings

I need a report of my 2016 earnings from Upwork and the reports I can access don't go back that far. Is there any way to get this info from Upwork? I can get the amount from my bank deposits, but one "official" report would be ideal.

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On you Reports tab, select Earnings By Client and then select for the current year.


That doesn't help. I can go to Lifetime Billings by Client and see the transaction history in 2016, which I guess is as good as I'm going to get. Earnings by Client only goes back to Jan 1, 2017.

I overlooked that you're seeking 2016 data. Go to Lifetime Billings by Client and select a client you did work for in 2016. Adjust the calendar to cover that year. You'll have to pull it by hand for each client.


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