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I have a question about the Reports tab.


For example:


Yesterday I had:

Work in Progress          In Review          Pending          Available

        $100                            $100                $100                 $100


So that's a total of $400. Today, the total figure decreased. I seem to be at least $50-$70 short.


One of my clients was paying me $79.99, for 8 articles. I wrote 1 and sent it him to make sure that's what he wanted and he released $10.00 of the amount.


I'm confused because my balance in lower than it was yesterday and no one has ended contracts and I haven't made any withdrawals. 


Any ideas?




oDesk takes a 10% commission. Now. the Reports display is inconsistent in that the first two tabs display fixed price jobs with the commission included. Once those entries move over to the last two tabs, the figures shown are with commission deducted. Hence the lower totals.

Thanks for the reply. I understand there are commissions but this is over $60 which was missing from a rough total of $300. 


I think $69.99 is missing which is what my client owes me after I complete his work. That seems about the same amount of what's missing, but it's odd that yesterday it was there and today it's not.


When I finish this current contract, I'll see if the numbers add up.

I think your client modified the milestone from 79.99 to 10.00 in order to pay you, instead of making a partial or bonus payment. If that's the case, ask them to make a new milestone of 69.99 for the remaining work.

I am afraid but first two tabs are for Hourly Contracts, In-case of Hourly Contract “In Progress” displays the current week, at the end of the week the funds will be moved to "In Review".


The client gets five days of time to check your hours and make sure everything is okay, then on end of Friday your funds moves to “Pending”, then after security hold of six days they become available to you.


I think you need to check your “Work Diary” whether client has approved your worked hours as per your logging.


Happy oDesking


P.S. Fixed Price goes to "Pending" itself.