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Request for Assistance: Lack of Client Invitations Despite Availability Badge Subscription

Dear Upwork Support Team,

I am writing to bring to your attention a concern regarding my Upwork profile. Despite paying for the Availability Badge for several months, I have not received any invitations from clients.

I am a Top Rated Plus freelancer and have invested in the availability badge to enhance my profile's visibility. However, the lack of client invitations is a matter of concern. I would appreciate it if you could review my profile and provide insights into what might be affecting its visibility.

I am committed to delivering high-quality work, and it is essential for me to be visible to potential clients. Your assistance in identifying any areas of improvement or addressing any technical issues hindering my profile's performance would be highly valuable.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt assistance in resolving this issue and optimizing my profile for better visibility.

Best regards,

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Your profile is not set to public, so we can't really give you suggestions for enhancing it to increase your likelihood of receiving invitations from clients. 

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Hi Heera,


Unfortunately, you probably won't get feedback from the Upwork Support Team here. The moderators might offer suggestions, but moderators do not typically review profiles.


I looked at your profile--it's available to clients and your Available Now badge is still on. I'm not seeing any glaring issues with your profile. The good thing is, QA test engineering is not the most competitive skill area on Upwork, so competition isn't as high as other areas.


I suspect you are experiencing the same thing that is happening to thousands of freelancers--even Top-Rated and Top-Rated Plus freelancers. Here is what I think it might be:


  • Competition remains high in many niches or skill areas
  • More freelancers are boosting their profiles; those who are not boosting are likely not being seen as much
  • Profiles are not stationary in search results; rotating profiles may lead to fewer views and/or invites
  • Market fluctuations in QA testing may affect the number of clients seeking paid manual/automated testing
  • (... probably other factors beyond our control)


WIth that, I don't think your profile is being "punished" or hidden from searches. I think Upwork's algorithms make decisions that negatively impact some profiles, while positively impacting others. A month from now, you may notice a huge increase in views and invitations.


If you don't mind answering a question: Upwork says you have been recently invited for jobs 11 times--how long ago were those invites?

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I receive invitations when clients send out invites to a large pool of freelancers and not all of them align with my specific skill set or profile. Consequently, I've had to decline several invitations as they weren't relevant to my expertise.

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