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Request for upwork to add "Bid closing date" and "Bid Awarding date"

I am new to upwork and coming from a background of bidding and contracting systems, I noticed the following elements missing in the upwork process: 1. Bid Closing Date 2. Bid Awarding Date


Without these, those who post jobs do not have any incentive or "pressure" to do their part in making a decision and awarding the job. Some job posters do not even bother to check if there have been submissions to their job postings. It puts job seekers in an unfair situation where they do not know what has happened.


For example, I applied for a job that was posted 21 days ago. Upwork shows that the job poster checked on the status 19 days ago. 10 to 15 proposals went to the job poster. Zero interviews. Zero invites.


If job posters are unable to make a decision on the Bid Award date, then the job posting should be closed by upwork and the job poster need to create (pay for) an entirely new job posting. If job posters need to extend the Bid Award Date, they should pay an additional fee to upwork.


Now since I am not a job poster, I do not know if these systems are actually in place but I observe as a job seeker that I have to physically check upwork every now and then ... to see what the status of the jobs are.


With the addition of these 2 fields in the upwork system, engagement between job posters ands job seekers will be more professional.


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They don't want to apply any 'pressure' to the client when they have one client and ten freelancers (the comparison might not accurate but it should be something like that).


They will pressure the freelancers instead, and 'squeeze' money from them to cover the cost of providing powerful servers because only one of them will generate fees, am I right?

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Hello Radia,

The client to freelancer ratio (one to many) is a fact of life. I beleive that upwork needed to strike a balance between a complex system and one that is easy to use by the job poster and the job seeker. A formal bidding and contracting process is complex and takes a long time to complete. I am hopeful that upwork will consider my suggestion.

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Despite our being independent contractors, hiring on Upwork is not like issuing an RFP within a contracting process. From the clients' and pseudo-clients' point of view, it's more like placing a help wanted ad, and screening the applicants.  Neither we nor Upwork are in a position to dictate an individual's or a business's contracting/hiring process, and it is not in Upwork's interest to do so—their standing practice is to make posting and hiring as pain-free, if not brain-free, as possible.

As a newbie, thank you. I learn new stuff everyday. 

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Upwork ain't gonna do nothing.  They want to extract as much money as possible. 

Thank you for your comment. At the end of the day, Upwork is a business. They do need to cover their costs and make some profit. At the same time, they also need to nourish the trust relationship between job seekers, job posters and upwork. 

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Like Douglas Michael and others have stated, Upwork only facilitates the connection between freelancer and client--it does not manage the contracting/hiring process like an RFP.


A bid closing date and award date are too restrictive for clients, and adding either or both would likely keep many clients from posting their jobs on Upwork.

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Thank you. My proposal has pros and cons. But i agree with you - the system must not be overly burdensome/complicated. 

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I cannot understand why so many freelancers have this burning passion to take work away from the many freelancers who are awarded jobs weeks or sometimes even a couple of months after a job is posted. If you work in an arena where a huge number of other freelancers can do the job more or less equally well and speed matters, then don't send a proposal if you think the posting is too old. But find a better way to spend your time than pushing to take work away from freelancers who provide higher end services and frequently work with clients who take a fair amount of time to choose the right freelancer. 


The metric about checking the job post is entirely meaningless, because Upwork bombards clients with emails notifying them of proposals and those emails include much the same information as the client sees in the job listing--no reason to go back to the posting unless one of those proposals catches their attention. 

Thank you. Your perspective is enlightening and it educated me as a newbie on the intricacies of upwork. 

I think if you're new, the most important thing to learn is that Upwork is what it is. Some stuff it does well. Some decisions are paralyzingly stupid. Some are good for Upwork, but bad for freelancers. Some are good for freelancers in some countries but not others. And so on. 


They're not gonna change it for you. (I've been here 7-8 years). You have to either find a way to make it work for you as it is or decide it doesn't work for you. Trying to shape it into something that makes sense to you is just wasted time and stress.

Thank you. This newbie learns new things everyday. Your advise and guidance is well taken & much appreciated.

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