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Request for valuable suggestions

Hope everyone is doing well.


I registered my account on upwork in 2015-16 and some how didnt work on it , but last year i came again and started working on upwork with more skills and expertise but unfortunately i am not getting much work.  The main problem that i am facing is no profile views. Even if I apply for some jobs still no profile view .

Recently i also created projects on my profile and I always tried to keep my profile up to date. I really need to solve this issue .


I hereby request you if some one help me to solve this issue or  also guide me accordingly 

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Hi Mohsin,



Your profile seems fine to me. I would suggest that you just need to respond more rapidly to new job searches postings. Have you tried monitoring for saved job searches with a RSS reader as suggested by Upwork*?



Hang in there and keep applying. I think you will get more work in the future.



* https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211063078-Search-for-Jobs


edit #1:

Thank you so much Micheal for your kind response.


I have been trying since long applying for job since long  , still no work.  My profile is not getting views even i created projects recently.


Could you please guide more about RSS reader as i am not much familiar 



Hi Mohsin,


I would like to clarify that the profile views stats refer to the number of distinct people who have viewed your profile tile in search results daily, in the past 30 days (not per week). You can find more information in this help article


Additionally, you may check these great topics in our Resource Corner to help you create proposals that win jobs:



Thank you,

~ Nikola
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