I wanted to switch my profile visibility back to public, but the info said that the only way to do it for free is to to contact customer support with a request. So I tried, but it won't allow me. It redirects me to frequently asked questions and other optional menus, but I don't have the option to write a new request. Any idea why and how can I right my request?


On pic 1 which I have attached, is the menu that i need. It shoed up for less than a sec, I was barely able to make a screenshot. And pic 2 is the page that it redirects me to.Can you help me with this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hristo,


It look like you were trying to use a direct link for submitting a support request and was directed to the Get Help form all users need to complete in order to access the available support options. Please select am appropriate category and subcategory, include the request details in the text box, click Next, opt to receive further assistance and you'll be able to submit a request on the next page. Our team will follow up and assist you with changing your profile visibility.


Thank you!