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Requirements for clients posting voiceover jobs

I've wasted so many connects on clients that have job offers for voiceovers but don't actually specify some VERY basic requests to determine who is eligible.


I think there should be mandatory fields for a client to fill in. As basic as, male or female or both, what accent, and what age range.


I've won jobs that didn't provide any of this information as I blindly applied, hoping for the best, so no, the answer is not to apply to jobs if they don't specify-- as I would be missing out on earnings.


But more often than not, a job posting is for a '30 second voiceover, fast tunraround', etc, and it doesn't actually specify what they want. Resulting in many of us applying and using a connect when all along we would have never won the job anyway.


It's almost like us applying for a job outside of our field. A voiceover job for a male has absolutely nothing to do with me-- I might as well be sending a proposal to design an app (which I can't do lol).


Please somehow integrate this!







Generally, it's a good thing that the clients who post those jobs weren't forced to be more thorough. They tend to be disorganized, not know what they want and eat up a lot of extra time and stress. the lack of information is a good clue that you don't want to get involved with them.

Tiffany is correct. If I see a fixed price writing job for, say, purine nucleoside antitumor drugs, my favorite topic, but the client doesn't list the number of words or pages, I'm not even applying. That's basic, critical information, and by leaving it out, it shows me the client is disorganized and/or undependable.


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