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Responding status

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Ambrož B Member Since: Aug 7, 2019
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Hi guys,


Few days ago, I read (an old) topic when a client complained on unresponding freelancers she invited.


It seems that most of the clients do not have any "responding score".


I would like to know, how many resonds to the interview invitations a freelancer should have, to get a "responding status". 

When I became active again (about 6 months ago) I didnt know that quick responding is important, so I didnt respond for a while on few (not interesting) invites. But then I became quick. And got more invites, so I was waiting to get the "responding status", but all the time the system is saying I need to get few more invitations to get the status. I responded quickly (mostly within 6 hours), so my "1 day respond statistic for last 90 days" increased to 100%, have 3 such invites, then 4, then I thought maybe is 5 enough for the status - but 1 felt out of the windows, so I have 3 again. Then got new invites so had 5 of them and all the time the same - you need few more .. (!!!). So now I have 3 and would like to know how many do I need to get the status. Anybody know?? Is it counting just these from last 90 days or all together.

Althought, dear UpWork, do you think that responding rate is so important think that you need to analyze the freelancer over a year or two and make a profesional statistics calculations over it to determine how quickly a person responds?? Smiley Tongue I think (suggest) this status should have every freelancer who has 2 or 3 invites in the last 90 days and 24-hours respond time on it. If he/she missed the next one, simply lost this status for 90 days ... 
Not all clients here are good (this is topic for another post), but I think they still have rights to be informed how quickly they can expect respond from the freelancer.

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Jody P Member Since: Aug 1, 2017
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Hi Ambrož,


I see your point, but by setting up notifications properly, you won't have to miss any 24-hour windows. And if you think you might, just set your status to account for that. I've failed to do this myself, like you, so that's how I set about making sure it doesn't happen again.


To answer your question, the response time only counts for ten (10) invitations over the last ninety (90) days as answered in this thread by @Valeria K.


I hope that his helps.


Best regards,


Jody PM