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Response to The Client Who Kept Asking for Free Work

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Shahzad A Member Since: Feb 11, 2012
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I contacted oDesk Support in a situation when a client repeatedly kept asking for free work (it was an hourly paid job). I was advised to stop doing any work until client is willing to pay. After this, I wrote this to the client and she remained unresponsive instead of clarifying "make the changes for free" - no exaggeration. The advice from oDesk Support did not worked for me since client ended the contract (without a prior notice) right after getting an official intimation, left unfair feedback and even worse filed a dispute (later on she lost it). The client left a bad feedback score (i.e. 1.45) in an attempt to punish me just because I was not ready to continue with the job without getting paid. I requested to oDesk to remove this unfair feedback and got following response: [quoteSmiley SurprisedDesk Marketplace Quality Team] It is expected that you partner with your client in a civilized and democratic manner to achieve a common goal. We did not see a valid dispute on this case. We will now close this ticket as resolved. We encourage that you open communication lines with your client to resolve conflict. We are hoping we will not continue to receive similar reports in the future.[/quote] and this ticket was immediately closed (the civilized and democratic manner?) without giving me an opportunity to leave a feedback for this great support.
  1. How will you rate the support I was provided (at the scale of 1 to 10)?
  2. Is oDesk Support system losing its credibility?
  3. Have you ever encountered with the same situation?
  4. How I can proceed further to resolve this feedback issue?
  5. Is there any way to avoid such experience with future clients?
Thanks for your time!
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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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If it was bug fixes or fixing work that was not good, then yes, you should do it for free. You do not specify what the nature of the free work was. But if it was something you charged for (like perfectly functioning work) and you delivered less than that you should fix it. You don't give enough information about the nature of this situation. All you provide is a one sided point of view. How 'uncivil' were you? It sounds like you may have been rather impolite/rude to your client in order to receive such a response from odesk. We can't tell with what you have written here, you are leaving out a lot of important elements.