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Responsiveness score for clients

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Nail Y Member Since: Jul 18, 2015
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This is more like a feedback/suggestion.


There is a Responsiveness score for the freelancers. Is there such a score for clients too? If not, why not?


Like a client has, as a freelancer I have the right to know how responsive a client is. There have been occasions that it takes 3+ days, sometimes more than a week to get a reply from a client. Surely, I wouldn't want to work with such clients if I knew how responsive they are before applying for a project. Sometimes, reviews are not enough to figure that out.


I will be happy if such a scoring system is considered for clients too.



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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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Would be nice!


I've spent wasted countless hours on countless 'clients' who just don't respond. It's not just that they don't respond me me personally, they just get hyped up for a couple days on an idea, then when that wears off they go AWOL. Ofen time more than just a few days.. sometimes weeks. Even ones who've invited only me for a job, we've spoke and they were excited to get started. I just wasted 2 months on one, waiting over and over for HIS proposed start date!


However...if Upwork actually did filter out all the BS on both client and freelancer sides, there would be nothing left and not enough hype for being the largest freelance marketplace. It would die very quickly.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Tony, it sounds like you need to figure out how to more quickly convert these potential clients to paying clients.


If I am talking to a client for two months about this great idea he has, and we're discussing his plans and all the stuff we are going to do together, and we have some phone calls, and Skype sessions, and a lot of email back and forth... And then the client just disappears or stops responding.... Which is what it sounds like happened to you...


Then this client has NOT wasted my time.


Because every minute I spent with the client was logged either using manual time or with the time tracker.


So what do I care if the client actually goes through with the project or not? That is his decision.


Your problem is you let the client get free consulting work from you, when you should have had him send you the hire button very early on.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Nail, regardless of whether or not Upwork ever displays a responsiveness score for clients, your problem is easily solved.


You apply to jobs that you are interested in, and then you forget about them. Move on. Apply to other jobs.


Once you have applied, it is time to stop thinking about that client. You should not be "waiting" for clients. If you ever hear from them, that's great!


But don't count on any one application/proposal, and don't give any particular job a second thought until you actually hear from the client.

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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I wholeheartly agree with you Preston, the difference being though is our end goal.


"So what do I care if the client actually goes through with the project or not? That is his decision."


I DO care if a client goes through with their project. My 1st goal is to help people change their lives, the second goal is to make a living doing so.


That being said (and really don't want to jack this topic away from the OP), the jobs I take here are for a reason. Either it is a paid education for me to help me become one step better at a thing I need for my own ventures, or I do it because I simply just want to help someone out.

As you may suspect, having this 'nice guy' mentality makes me a prime candidate for getting screwed over, lol.


Anyways... the 2 month time waster issue? All that was is some Infusionsoft work and all I needed from the guy was to tell me what he wanted to automate in his business. That's it. I told him 1 hour on the phone together to plan it out and he agreed. He kept saying 'Friday"...'2 weeks' etc etc...


So until I had that info, there is no point in pressing the hire button. If he did hire, and never got around to the 1 hour consult to create a plan, I would be left with an inactive job that may have likely been closed by one of us at some point because he obviously lost interest. Perhaps suspended by Upwork due to inactivity etc. What's that do to you JSS? I don't know and would rather not find out the hard way. It's a mystery and policies change here daily it seems.


I do not deal with people on a technical, click click, get the job done level. I work with people on a personal and sometimes very emotional level. Very different than most. I help them spend more time with their family, or mantain an income when they no longer have the health to work as hard, etc.. I do not take a contract with the main purpose to collect a check. - Although that is a necessary part of life to some extent.

Ok...anyways, I don't want to continue this convo muvch in this particular thread, because it's not about the OP's topic.


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Nail Y Member Since: Jul 18, 2015
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Hi Preston.


The problem is not solved the way you described.


I do not consider potential clients as clients and that's not what I meant in my opening post. I have worked with clients on projects and some of them took more than a week to respond at times. Sometimes multiple times. I only continued because of the time/effort I put into their project. If I knew, they respond in such a poor manner, I would not have applied to their project from the start.

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Kristen B Member Since: May 20, 2009
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I was thinking of charging for consultations because a lot of potential clients talk to me and then go missing so I feel like I am giving away a lot of free advice as well. How much do you charge for a consultation? And are potential clients open to being charged for an "interview"? This is what they call it. They say why should I pay you for an "interview?" 


People always ask me about my social media strategy and I give it like an idiot and then I don't hear back. So I was thinking of charging a consultation fee so people wouldn't steal my ideas and hire someone who charges $2/hr to execute my strategy.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Kristen, if clients want to discuss their project with me, they need to send me the hire button so that we can do so.


There is already a job posting in place either because they invited me or because I applied to their job. That is what we use. The regular job posting, which becomes a contract, set up at my posted hourly rate. Right now that rate is $86/hour. So that is what clients pay.


I don't have a separate consultation fee. Clients are paying for my time, whether it is to ask a question via email or for actually working on creating the deliverables.


For fixed-price contracts, I provide a quote after I see a client's project description and data files. Clients can hire me to work on the project using the quote. Or they can choose to not hire me. But they don't get to discuss the project further. The bid/quote is already on the table. They either hire me or they don't.

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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I've earned $100/hr here for consultation. Like you, I wonder where to draw the line. I look at it this way.. if you can find teh same info on Google, I consider it part of the interview process to demonstrate a level of knowledge.

You can tell people concepts all you want, but implementing them in accordance to their particular business is a whole different story.

When I can convince someone that the key is using this info in an intelligent way for their specific needs.

I've been hired on Upwork to help people that range from university kids with their crazy business idea for an hour, to people who want to consult with me regularly on their $30/m established company. The latter is obviously where the real money is, because they can afford to pay for several hours. But rare on sites like this.

I used to have my profile rate set to $111.11/hr and was actually finding work at that rate. Those days are gone now and I've had to drop to a rate that is more commonly accessible to people, although for a different type of service. Like any tech, the freelancing market quickly changes.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Nail, I am sorry if it bothers you when clients take time, or even a long time, to respond to you.


This does not bother me.

I am working for the client, and not the other way around. So if I send a question to a client and it takes her a week to reply, that is fine. I have plenty of other projects I can work on in the meantime.