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Retiring All Skill Tests

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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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Ashish R wrote:

No solution in retiring. Nothing proved when 10 people agree with you. They could all be wrong. Arrogating for yourself the right to decide? Ending something simplistic. Tests were a criteria for a freelancer to judge her abilities objectively. Now everyone has subjectivity, and free for all clamour. For example, me saying, I know Excel, I can claim, and you better give me work! Based on my word someone gives me an assignment, and after some time realising I was wrong. How can that be good? in any intelligent discussion!

Did you actually read this thread? People were cheating on the tests, so they didn't prove anything. The false test scores actually made it easier for freelancers to mislead clients.


Even if Upwork somehow made it impossible to cheat, the tests weren't a good indication of ability in the first place. Someone could pass a spelling and grammar test, but that doesn't make them a good writer; someone could pass a Photoshop test, but that doesn't make them a good designer. Your overview, proposals, education, work experience, portfolio and feedback reviews are all much more important factors in getting hired.