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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Yes, you understand correctly but it is very rare and eventually you have to put your foot down. It's happened to me once since I started working here in August.


And yes, the clock starts over.

I've actually had some ask for revisions after the escrow has been auto-released. -_-

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Jutta B wrote:

So do I understand that correctly that a client can ask for revisions limitlessly ( is that a word or did I just invent it) and every time they ask the 14 days start again after re submission?

Yes, but I have seen mods say before that the freelancer can initiate a dispute if this seems to be happening in bad faith.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "So do I understand that correctly that a client can ask for revisions limitlessly"


You are correct.

This is what I refer to as the "fixed-price loophole."


It is a weakness in the overall Upwork system.


There are clients who are bad people who attempt to use this loophole to NOT pay for the work that they hired a freelancer to do. It is a form of stealing.

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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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For fixed price projects, I clearly state in my proposals that my price includes up to two rounds of minor revisions and if they need more than that, they'll have to open a new hourly contract. So far, I've only had to actually make this switch with one client, but they were a doozy; they ended up requesting over 100 rounds of revisions to their 12-page document, over a 1-year period. (I shake my head when I see other freelancers offering unlimited revisions - I should have sent that client over to them.)