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Ridiculous talent specialist invitations...

Is it that hard for UW 'talent specialist' to check freelancer profiles when they are inviting them to some project? Is it branding and advertising specialist the right choice for project with title of 'Manual QA testers needed'? And this is not the first, second or third time... those ridiculous mismatchings repeat constantly since UW started. And it's not even funny any more. 


Please, can someone explain what is the reasoning behind this (except that I live in same country where client is looking for QA testers)... Just think for a moment how that client looks at the UW and money they spent for a professional 'talent specialist' to make some 'good' selection for him?


Does UW really wants to make this market better? Then someone needs to start listen what freelancers are talking and to show us that we are heard... don't just push agenda that will be in interest only for stakeholders pockets (like that last one with 'available now'). Before you do that, you need to make good platform. At least for a start comparable to like Elance and Odesk were.


Remember, this market lives because freelancers are here. Who knows what will happen if (god-forbid) competition comes with better platform for everyone.

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