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Ripped off by another freelancer - **

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Lee E Member Since: May 20, 2014
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Again, Odesk side with Freelancers. Placed a job in good faith. The freelancer messed me about for weeks, then to admit he couldnt fulfil the job, and didnt work any hours on the job after 2 weeks of chasing. And cancelled the job and said would refund. 3 months later and still the refund is pending. Odesk still continue to let the freelancer take work, and not suspend his account. And now to be told by ODESK UNHELPFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT that if he chooses not to put the funds in his account, I dont get any of my money back. This is just a warning so no one else gets ripped off, as Odesk do not care!!!!! Even tho they happy take they healthy cut on each job! *"Removed by admin"
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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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How can he choose not put money in his account? When he is paid by the client it goes into his account. Usually they suspend the financial account of the freelancer until he has paid up his debt.So you are saying this freelancer is working for free? I also am owed a refund which is pending and will be forever but I was told the account was suspended (financially). Something sounds fishy here.