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Ripping off someone else's work

Just found this posting when looking for html email development work.
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I've flagged this with the Pizza Hut Twitter account and UpWork but it really grinds my gears seeing people intending to skip steps and rip off other people's hard work. There are so many agencies dedicated to designing and building emails.
Also submitted a proposal stating all of this info to them.


Fingers crossed they come to their senses.

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That is not uncommon.  Even more blatant stealing is done by "farmers".  They will ask web site samples from you.  Then after a while they will turn around and try to hire some one to build a site that looks like "this or that".

Max, I flagged it as well.  Thanks for including the link.

Theft is ILLEGAL. 

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Hi Max,


Thanks for reporting and helping us to make Upwork a  safer and more professional place. The team will review the job and take actions as needed.

~ Valeria
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