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Rising Star Status

How do I know if I have achieved "rising star" status? I don't see that identification anywhere, but I believe I meet all the criteria. If I have not achieved that status, how can I tell what is blocking me from it?

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John, it's Rising Talent, and you've completed 2 jobs already with 2 more in progress so it's unlikely you'll be getting it because Rising Talent is intended to promote new freelancers. I also see 2 jobs completed without feedback, which leads me to think you closed the contracts yourself, and it's maybe too late but you should not do this because a pattern of closed contracts without feedback will lower your Job Success, once you have a Job Success Score, and conversely, if you let the client close a contract, then the client *must* leave feedback.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

Thanks for the response.

Can the client provide feedback before the contract is closed? 

I closed one contract because the client ghosted. But the second contract was a client I'm still working with (other contracts). I closed the first contract with that client so I could get feedback. Given that the client just signed me up for several new deliverables through the middle of the year, I would hope there's some way to get feedback before the end of the contract.

The client has, I believe, 14 days to leave feedback after the contract is closed.

They can't leave feedback while it is open.


In the future, you should ask your clients (when they haven't disappeared) to be the ones to close the contracts. They can't close without leaving you feedback. When you close it, they aren't obligated to do anything.


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My profile is older and I've been offline for a while. I'm trying to use Upwork full time and want to know what I can do to show rising star...not having any status excludes me from many considerations.

Hello Christi,


To become a rising talent:

You may learn more about that here.


Thank you and good luck!

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