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Rising Talent Badge lost

I found today that I lost my Rising Talent badge.
I have a 100% Job Success, 5 stars for every job and all the jobs I got were in the past month.
Could you help me?

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Bruno, the Rising Talent badge is temporary. You lose it automatically as soon as you get a JSS.  Your next badge will be the Top Rated badge when you qualify for it. 

Have a look here: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049702614-Upwork-s-Talent-Badges


Thank you, Nichola. The Rising Talent badge really looks better than JSS, so it would be good if we had any badge after getting JSS. Just a sugestion.

Bruno M wrote: it would be good if we had any badge after getting JSS. Just a sugestion.

You can now work towards a "top rated" badge, You'll need to get your JSS above 90% first though.



Yeah, but it's a long way until Top Rated, and with few clients like me, when one of them didn't give me the right feedback (the client wanted something out of their data), my JSS droped to 88% and I don't have a badge. It's harder to make it without any badge. Rising Talents have more attention than my profile without any badge.

Sure, rising talent is always better than a bad JSS. But now you know what you have to work towards!

What I'm saying is that a badge (even Rising Talent) is better than a 100% JSS. People likes badges and it giver more trust than a Job Success Score.

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Well, you're not rising anymore, you have risen! :hatching_chick:

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