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Dear Moderators,


I would like to know why my rising talent badge is gone. Moreover, I want to know if there is any way to get the rising talent badge or JSS again even after you have received a poor feedback from one client.


Your earliest response in this regard will be appreciated.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Faran


There are several possible reasons you are no longer Rising Talent:

  1. You have a Job Success Score
  2. You have received public and/or private feedback from clients that indicates poor outcomes.
  3. You haven’t submitted any proposals or worked on any projects in the past 90 days 
  4. You have a policy violation or other concern pending.

You'll need to complete a few contracts with feedback from different clients in order for your JSS to be calculated.

~ Valeria



I got the reasons because of which I lost my Rising talent. However, my question is; suppose I got a poor private or public feedback from a client as a result of which I lost my RTB or JSS, now what should I do to earn it again? Does a poor private feedback affects a freelancer for the lifetime?



I don't think you can lose your JSS because of poor feedback. It will decrease as a result of poor feedback, so losing it would be preferable – but not possible.



The outcomes of contracts in the last 2 years are included in the Job Success Score. As you complete more contracts with good feedback, you can get higher Job Success score and potentially even Top Rated.

~ Valeria
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