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Rising Talent Lost due to bad feedback

Hi Community,

I had a rising star badge unfortunately, I lost it due to bad feedback from the client. 

The client job was  **edited for Community Guidelines**

We rarely communicated via the Upwork chat coz he preferred Skype and Slack.

I did the trial by discussing two websites sent to me via Skype. I did website auditing of the two websites**edited for Community Guidelines** and **edited for Community Guidelines**. I was to prepare something the following day and I thought of website audit. I wasn't paid for this was still more of an interview. I did my audit very well and I was hired.


The first task when I was hired, I  was to add SEO tags to the Wix website: **edited for Community Guidelines**. He gave me a document full of Heading Tags and before that, He had asked me of Wix and I told him plainly I know WordPress. Sincerely speaking headings are part of SEO tags and others like the meta and title and I started working on the site. I messed up according to him and was like he is going to prepare the workflow.  Something he didn't and this task is not reflected in the feedback.


The second task was about keyword research and according to his feedback what he is saying is right. But my problem is that I sent progress of my work via skype via the weekend to see if he can check on what I'm doing. When he returned on Monday, he saw it was substandard but I managed to correct it immediately to his wanting before the contract was paused then stopped. I have evidence of my google spreadsheet that was last edited before contract pausing and stopping.

I wasn't surprised for ending the contract but I was unhappy that I lost my rising star badge coz of the bad feedback.


The client on slack said I didn't communicate yet the contract was paused after 3 days and ended within a week. I really can't understand for me not to communicate when a contract is paused with a message "Job on hold"


This job the client gave me a feedback "Samuel said he was an expert in digital marketing, yet he was unable to do a simple keyword research - he gave me a long list of keywords with absolutely no search volume. When I asked him about it he said these are long-tail keywords. He seems to be a good person and if he studies more he will be a good marketer."


He didn't give provide the Wix website feedback here yet it was bad too according to him. 

I was contracted as a virtual assistant - is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Not as an SEO as seen in the slack message snapshot.


Please, community and administration please review and advise me gently on this issue coz I need that badge back if possible. 

Below are the screenshots of my conversation.


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There is no one can help you. I would recommend to refund that money to your client and hide that job from your profile. 

I Had forgotten this. I actually refunded the whole amount back to the client yesterday (Wednesday)and I told him so and he said he will look into it

Then just calm and try your efforts smartly and full hard! Your profile will improve a lot

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@Samuel K wrote:

 I actually refunded the whole amount back to the client

 That will just make it invisible on your profile, it will not improve the contract's effect on your metrics.

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I finally got in touch with the client after refunding the money then he gave me a job review rating of 5.0 and but it wouldn't appear on my public profile coz I had done refunding and the job was taken.


I wanted to know if the rising talent badge can re-appear since the job doesn't appear or will my metrics be improved. Thanks

If it were me I'd just forget about Rising Talent and wait for JSS instead. To me (this is JUST me), "Rising Talent" pretty much says "noob." It points out how new you are. Sort of, "This person is still new, and hasn't messed up anything beyond all repair during his/her short time here." I don't know how this is from the client's point of view, so someone who is a client please feel free to correct me, but I just don't really see as much value in it.


Your JSS should be coming soon (IIRC - haven't looked back at your profile). 

Then JSS will take long coz it is have finished 2 jobs here yet JSS takes in consideration of 5 jobs.Thats why asked about my raising talent badge.

@samikats wrote:

Then JSS will take long coz it is have finished 2 jobs here yet JSS takes in consideration of 5 jobs.Thats why asked about my raising talent badge.


It takes time to build a reputation. 🙂 And really, it should. Think about it - what if you spent, say, this whole coming year writing stellar proposals, winning great projects, and doing an amazing job at them, yet newcomers who could be anyone with any skills (or none at all) were about level with you on JSS as far as clients could see? 


Bid on more jobs. Make sure they're quality jobs that you can absolutely crush. Do your best. Everyone has to start somewhere and we can't have a reputation right out of the gate; clients don't know us from Adam in the beginning.


You can do it. Keep going.

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