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Rising Talent and JS requirements in most job postings

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Irish T. L Member Since: Aug 29, 2015
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Hi, i have not really been active in Upwork for a while. But i noticed lately that there seems to be a Rising Talent and JS score of 90%  as a minimum requirement for all the job postings I've applied to. I got all 5 star feeback from my previous clients, with 2 "hanging" clients, but 1 client gave me a 4-star, without any explanation, which made my JS dropped to 89%. I fall short by 1%. Is it futile for me to bid on projects that require a minimum 90% JS? Or are these clients just gonna discard my application automatically? Is there any solution for freelancers who unfortunately are placed in this dilemma. I cannot imagine how one client can ruin your future in Upwork. 

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Shummas H Member Since: Jul 2, 2016
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The condition of having a 90% job success score is usually just set by default whenever a client creates the job description, and many clients simply do not bother to change it. Hence it appears as if they will not accept anyone having lower than a 90% JSS. But this isn't really true! It all depends on what the client really wants. But in my honest opinion, it shouldn't effect you at all. A JSS of 89% isn't bad at all. I have even seen freelancers having a 75% JSS, getting hired on jobs requiring a 90% Smiley Tongue 

A client is still likely to see your proposal, and if it looks promising enough, he will hire you. Before getting issued a JSS, I have been interviewed to several jobs that I wasn't qualified for. I did get hired on one of them. So do not worry about that. Continue to write impressive cover letters because that is all it takes in majority of the cases.