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Rising Talent vs. Success Rate

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Kimberly M wrote:


Wrong word "locked" for the same action "private", it still doesn't allow the Freelancer to appear in a search. Inactive would suggest NO ACTIVITIY period, not lack of earning.

If someone is consistently "active" and that activity leads to no earnings (meaning income for the freelancer and the platform) then, considering that there are way too many freelancers on the platform, that kind of freelancer is problematic.


There are only 2 reasons why someone can be active but not earn anything: Either what they have to offer is not attractive to clients, or they take clients off the platform. Either way such freelancers contribute nothing to the bottom line.


It is like a product in a shop. Why would a shop want to advertise and give premium shelf-space to products nobody wants to buy?




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Kimberly M Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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You're entitled to your opinion, it doesn't change mine. If your worth and value allow anything so be it. I still stand on Upwork needs to work on the system as a whole and the changes are an added problem. 


To take someone from something means they find no value in being there and the willing can't be taken, they just go and invite others to join. If clients see a questionable view, it only makes sense to address the concerns. If Freelancers see a questionable view it only makes sense to address the concerns, but then again this conversation is not with an Upwork rep but just another Freelancer so there's that. 


If the product is not in view for customers to see, it'll never get sold............even if they call it Premium or Top Rated.