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Runaround client

I was hired for a fixed contract. No milestones, but payment will be received once the proyect is finished.

That was a couple of weeks ago. I sent all files as low res images through Upwork's messages, so that the client could review and approve the work before sending the final files for payment. He didn't answer, and after a week passed he finally told me he was sick at the moment, and asked if there would be any inconvenient on my part in waiting for him to return to work. I didn't see any problem at that time, but two weeks have passed after and he no longer answers.

So the work it is complete and finished, but the final files have not been delivered yet.

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Never wait to hear from the client.


Do what I do:

Finish the task and immediately click Submit.


I don't send a message. I don't ask. I submit the work and click Submit.


If the client does nothing, I get paid AUTOMATICALLY.

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You're an experienced freelancer. You know that you need to have a funded milestone if you want to be sure of being paid. The client may have lost interest in the project. If he doesn't want to pay for it, there is nothing you can do.

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