Running out of patience - Fiction Writer

I have been working on Upwork since November. I started writing short romance books. In total I have written over 700,000  words for various clients.


I must say I am now running out of patience with it. The clients seem so flaky. They promise long term work, order two stories and after that disappear into oblivion. Even my best long term client has now disapperared without explanation. 


Does anyone have any advice. I'm thinking of shifting to non fiction writing. Is it any better? I don't have much experience that's the problem. How should I break into it?


Any comments more than welcome. Thanks.


Yes, it's much better. Many of the fiction writing jobs here are scams, and those that aren't are at the very low end of the payment spectrum and often involve various rewrites that are actually a way for the client to get more than one book out of one low payment.


Generally speaking, you aren't going to find someone to pay you decent rates for fiction writing unless you can connect with a large book packager (unlikely to happen on Upwork) or sell your work to a publisher/self publish and promote heavily.


Most of the money in writing today comes from writing for businesses--blog posts, white papers, website content, etc. You can make a very good living at that if you're so inclined and are good at what you do.

Thanks for your adviceTiffany. Very helpful.