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SCAM - Telegram Messenger - Refund Connect

I've been contacted by a person called **Edited for Community Guidelines** regarding a job I appliec for as a Virtual/Administrative Assistance. He wanted to do the interview via Telegram Messenger, but only via Chat Messages. It's the same speil like someone would for a Google Hangouts scam interview. I tried chatting with the Community Robot so I can get a refund for my connects, but this is my last resort. Please help.
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Flag the job post.

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Like Mary pointed out: All you need to do is use the "Flag as inappropriate" link button in the top left hand corner of the job post page.


Your connects will be refunded AUTOMATICALLY when Upwork removes the job post for violating Upwork ToS.


Now that you know how to do this, you won't need to use the Community chatbot or post in the Forum about any situations like this in the future.

I can’t open the job posting anymore. That’s why I went here.

Hi Nicole, 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I checked your account, and I would like to confirm that appropriate actions were already taken by our team. As for the connects you used, one of our team members will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne
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Hi I recently received an invitation with this similar spiel, the client does not properly schedule an interview and passes you to a different person asking you to submit your resume as well (assuming to get more data out of you like phone numbers etc). This other person will tell you to do a chat interview in Telegram Messenger or Google Hangouts. They commonly post data entry jobs, administrative assistant that pays above the rate to lure unsuspecting freelancers. I've experienced these numerous times now & it's good that I stay vigilant & flag them asap but what about others? I'm used to Upwork being a platform filled with professional people & not scammers. Please let's stay vigilant especially if the client just recently joined Upwork. Research first before providing out of the ordinary information to clients. 

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