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Hi, i am new to this platform, i sent in this proposal for writing english and converting to pdf with in 48 hrs. The guy claimed to be from **Edited for Community Guidelines**. The guy sent me invitation to receive work on telegram app. I received the project, completed and submitted.  He approved the project but now he is not responding to my requests for payment.  


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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You violated Upwork ToS by communicating with this "client" via Telegram.

Before having an actual Upwork contract in place, you may ONLY communicate with prospective clients using the Upwork platform.


You could be suspended for what you did.

You will NOT be suspended for this, because you are new and this was your first time making this mistake. But you need to make sure you never do this again in the future.


Also, you wasted your time, by talking to a scammer who is trying to steal money from you. And of course you wasted your time by doing the fake "assignment" he asked you do to.


You made a lot of mistakes. But that's okay!

Part of trying something new is making mistakes.

Don't take it personally.


Study more, and do better next time. Read this carefully:



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Is the telegram username is**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Actually I got the same msg and feeling it as a scam

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Who cares about the name? It doesn't matter. Scammers change their names all the time.


What really matters is that you people start to follow the rules of the platform and learn how to recognise scammers from their actions, not their (fake) names!


STOP using Telegram for heaven's sake!!!

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any update? i also received a message like yours. 

Freelancers are not allowed to communicate outside Upwork before a contract is in place and are not allowed to receive payments or make payments outside Upwork. Their account can get suspended. This is a scam. Please learn how to use the platform before using it.

Acknowledged. Thank you..


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