Hi All-

Just wanted to make new freelancers aware that they may be invited to interview for a Project Admin  job for a delivery company. What alerted me to the scam was that they were willing to pay me $400/week for 5-10 hrs of work, and provide a 401K and AD&D and medical insurance, WITHOUT AN INTERVIEW! (Not to mention the poor grammar, and the use of a gmail, rather than a company, email address.)


I was told that they have 5 locations on the west coast, yet when I did an onlne search, I found them in Arkansas only. This individual was not able to be found anywhere online via Linked-In or a google search.


I was told that the Business Development Director will set up a formal interview ifor me in the near future , along with a tour of the organization and introduction to specific individuals. IN THE MEANTIME she has a lot of pending assignments that need to be handled and will pay me to do "simple tasks " before she gets back from Canada.


She wants me to "run some errands out to some of the Orphanage home that i will instruct later, A payment inform of a Company Check will be mailed to you from one of my clients and i have some list of task to email you once you receive the payment, you will be getting paid from the funds then use the remainder to make arrangements by purchasing some stuff/gift items for kids at any nearest store around you, and mail them to a particular Orphanage home information that i will provide.....You will be receiving the Check Payment in few days time and will come along with your first Pay.. I will get back to you with the tracking number of the check payment once mailed to you."
Don't fall for it.

Thank you for the tip!