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Ifra I Member Since: Feb 24, 2014
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Hi everyone Be careful. There is a client (might use many false names) who sends you an invitation to interview and lists a Yahoo messenger email. He/she will tell you to download Yahoo messenger to talk to them. This is an example of one such 'job offer' ** It will probably be removed soon. They sound legitimate and will even make you sign an employee contract. BUT THEY WILL ASK FOR YOUR BANK DETAILS. NEVER GIVE IT TO THEM. They will send you money to buy 'software' to do their work. They might use some other excuse. But the check they deposit in your account WILL BE COUNTERFEIT. They are using Odesk freelancers to deposit FAKE checks. Please, please be careful. They caused me hours of headache with the bank and the police. They will call every hour, email you endlessly, even threaten you if you make the mistake of talking to them. I hope this helps someone. Stay safe out there *"Removed by admin"
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Michelle L. S Member Since: Dec 18, 2013
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Yep, heard from these folks...they say the represent a company called **...they went so far as to Fed Ex me a bogus check...they will contact using Yahoo messenger...sad, so sad folks can't make an honest dollar anymore...pfftt :/ *"Removed by admin"
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Mark D Member Since: Jun 5, 2014
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They are already adults but they act like a bunch of 3-year olds.. 'nuff said.
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Kim R Member Since: Apr 14, 2013
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OK, I can understand why admins remove the name of these problem clients. But it would be nice to read if anything happened, such as their account being suspended. Otherwise, they could still be scamming new freelancers.
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Mark D Member Since: Jun 5, 2014
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It be risky, unless we keep our eyes open.