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** - SCAM

I just wanted to give the network a heads up regarding a scam I encountered today.  A post in Upwork asking for freelance proofreader/editors.  


I was contacted this morning for an interview via Skype.  As I'm new to Upwork, I didn't find this problematic.  After researching, it's clear that it is a sign that something is amiss.


I participated in the interview, which went well and appeared legit, until they asked for my personal banking account information.


This was THE red flag for me.  This prompted me to call the company that "sent" me a contract to sign.  I spoke with the person whose name was used in the contract who had no knowledge of the posting, the individual I was speaking with, and no need for a freelance proofreader/editor.


There were two companies that emerged from this situation as being used for the scam.  If you see the names **Edited for Community Guidelines** in any posts, they are scams.

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re: "This prompted me to call the company that 'sent' me a contract to sign."

I know that you meant well. But please do not do that.

You are wasting your time, and you are wasting the time of the people who you called.

This scam has nothing to do with those companies. ANY company that has a presence on the Internet might have their information used by these scammers.


It is appropriate do use the "Flag as inappropriate" link button in the upper right hand corner of a job post to flag a scam job. That let's Upwork know about it so they can look into it. If Upwork takes the job down, then freelancers get their connects back automatically.


Also: The company names you mentioned will be removed by Upwork forum moderators. It is good to discuss scammy behavior and signs of scams here in the Forum. Please do not specify company names. That violates Forum guidelines, and those companies didn't do anything wrong.

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Good for you that you realized it was a scam.  Many freelancers do not and go down the road of providing their bank information.  Just flag the job post and move on.  


Work smart!

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Good job not falling for it. However, using Skype to communicate is not necessarily a red flag. Asking for your personal information was a red flag. Many freelancers here communicate with clients using Skype, WebEx, Zoom, personal/business email, and, yes, even Google Hangouts. It does seem the scammers prefer Google Hangouts, but vetting people before a call does so much to help sniff out the scammers. Every client I've had on here, when I get their request for a phone interview, I've googled their name or company and been able to verify who they are. Now, not every company or person will have a big enough presence to easily ferret out online, but a little vetting goes a long way.

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