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SCAMMED - Advice please

Hi guys,


I'm new to the site and unfortunately, someone prayed on that and scammed me.  I am trying to get a ticket into upwork to report this person as he is scamming other people for work outside of Up work with the promise of pay that doesn't come, but can't seem to submit anything.  Any advice is appreciated on how I can get this information to the right people to stop him doing this to others.



You can flag the job as inappropriate, but you do understand that by agreeing to be paid outside the platform you, as well, have been trying to scam Upwork?


The only difference between you and the fake client is that their scam succeeded and yours did not...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sarah,


I reported the last client you communicated with, is that the job you're referring to? You can take a screenshot of your communication and submit a support request, and our team will review.


Please check the tips and red flags shared in the Safety First section on this thread in order to learn how you can work safely on Upwork. Please make sure to only accept payments through Upwork, use our Payment Protection programs and never start working without an active contract under your My Jobs tab.

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